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Skills that a Good Manager has

Managing something has a number of difficulties. Management work is done by a manager. Survival of organizations and businesses is ensured through management. The main work that a manager does is ensuring that the organization achieves its' set objectives. The set objectives are achieved through planning, organizing, directing and controlling by the manager. Management work can be done by anyone who is qualified to do it. Managers are evaluated either to be good or bad based on the results they produce. A good manager is defined by a number of characteristics. Some of the characteristics of a good manager are discussed in this article.

A good manager communicates well. Organizations achieve their objectives when they have managers who communicate well. Communication is not one way. Good managers and employees are able to communicate with each other. A good manager communicates the job responsibilities and expectations to the employees. A good manager also allows the employees to table their suggestions and their grievances. Teamwork is encouraged by good communication and hence good results are obtained.

A good manager is experienced knowledgeable. Basically a good manager has good education qualifications. The good managers have a degree related to management. The basic knowledge from school helps the manager during his or her management work. Knowledge is also added by experience. Experienced managers have a lot of knowledge from practicing management so they are the best. The experience of the managers makes them do good work.

Good organization by a manager makes him be defined as a good manager. A manager who is organized knows what to do and when to do the specific thing. Absenteeism and lateness are avoided when a manager is organized. Managers are examples to their employees. Employees are encouraged to be organized by an organized manager. Good organization of the employees and the manager makes an organization achieve its' objectives. Good organization is learned by a good manager when he or she reads books and articles concerning the organization.

A good manager knows how to manage time. A good manager utilizes time fully. Employees' time and manager's time are managed by a good manager. Objectives of an organization are achieved at the right time when the manager is good because he or she knows how to manage time. A good manager is never late so he or she never influences the employees to be late. Various employees' meetings are held by a good manager in order to discuss various issues concerning the organization. Above are the characteristics of a good manager.
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